My first Kiss, but not really.

Hello Everyone!

I spent some time typing this blog post at my school, and its kinda awkward since everyone keeps on looking at me typing away and then proceeding to question my title choice. It’s already a nightmare writing my embarrassing (but unfortunately hilarious) story in school, I don’t need to be interrogated from 9th graders, thank you very much 😀

Anyways Happy Saturday everyone! I felt that today I was going to take you into my personal life. I don’t know how entertaining it will be for you, but when I tell my friends this story they seem to get some good laughs out of it. So let’s embark on some memories as I take you through today’s topic…

The First Kiss! (shudders)

Now, in all honesty, does this scenario ever end up going well for you guys? We picture first kisses as being these perfect moments where everything is just right. Ya know…dim the lights…got that mushy/romantic music softly playing in the :). Maybe it happens on New Year’s Eve right before the countdown, after a nice dinner, or just when you and your lover are casually hanging around your house.

Is it possible to actually have these scenarios??

I’ve had two “almost” kisses in my life. The first technically happened when I was around 6 (Wasn’t planned, don’t worry :D). I was leaving a friends house and was waiting in my parent’s car, and he comes out yelling my name telling me to roll down the window (back then we didn’t own a car with automatics, so I had to use my baby strength). Anyways I asked him “yeah…”.

He leaned in and give a quick peck, a really quick, super surprising peck😆

Basically ending in him running back into his house, and if it wasn’t awkward enough my older sister (around 7 & 1/2) happened to be next to me.

So wasn’t that a romantic story😏

Since I was a kid (and also the fact that my friend will constantly deny that ever happend) I’ll tell my my other story on the Volleyball cutie I met in Florida.

I’m on vacation with my family and we’re at this absolutely stunning resort. We decided to stay close to one of the Adventure Parks that where near by, that way we could not worry of driving because the park was walking distance.

Flashforward to the last day before we had to leave, my parents decided we should use our last day to relax at the resort. So me and my sister headed down to the pool and swam for most of the day. While me and her were chatting, two guys came up to us (wink wink). They introduced themselves and asked where we were from. We explained we were from Canada and that its was our vacation before the summer ended. Then one of them asked our age…here’s where things started getting weird. I said that I was 13 and my sister was 15, and they thought that I was 16 and my sister was 18. I didn’t think that it would matter whether or not we told them what age we were, I assumed that since we were leaving tomorrow it had no effect to us.

Both guys had different features to them, one was 13 and was this adorable, short and way to oblivious child. The other one was 16 and had beautiful blonde hair, was fairly tall, and mention he had came from Tampa to play in a volleyball tournament! Can’t say he was slightly more cuter than the other one😆

The shorter one asked if we wanted to play hide and seek, personally we didn’t want to but he was too sweet to say no to, so we agreed. We began with my sister and the volleyball guy hiding and me and the short kid to go and find them. Once we found my sister we went to go find the volleyball guy. As soon as we found him, we switched positions and my team his while they “seeked”.

After a good half hour of playing this game, the volleyball guy decide that we should all look around the hotel and just explore. My sister didn’t really want to hang out with these guys any longer so she abandoned me with two guys 😭. She was basically the only barrier between me and the tall blonde. So once she left and it was just me and the two boys, the tall one said “how about we go and hide while you try to find us”.

I’ll tell you right now that prior to him saying this, he had been holding my hand and tugging me everywhere like some little three year old. It was becoming very creepy to me because as a thirteen year- old, I’ve never had a boyfriend (I know.. shocker, with all my experience and everything 😂). So I really didn’t want the short one to leave, but of course he didn’t know any better and ran off to let us have some time to hide.

The tall one lead me back into the resort’s lobby, I felt horrible because I was still dripping from the pool and was running through the lobby causing small puddles everywhere (thumbs up for those staff members who are extremely chill with children running in and out completely soaked, you guys rocked!!). He told me that we could take an elevator back down to the pool area, and dragged me inside one.

Yeah, this story keeps on getting sketchy-er. So here I am, standing inside the elevator, with some a good looking guy, holding my hand. We had a good 15 seconds before we would get to the pool area, and he asked me so nonchalantly,

“Can I kiss you?”.

He may of asked my permission, but still tried to lean in (Dude!!! What does consent mean😂). Anyways I just stood there, he was inches from my face so I said…

“Sorry, I can’t”. Then slightly shuffled away into the opposite side of the elevator.

I always thought that people who broke up for silly reasons were horrible, and being on the receiving end really sucked. Of course I felt bad for giving him hope and letting hold my hand (I’m a person who can’t say no, anyone else the same way?). By that point he just sort of stood there, and I kept giving him excuses over and over. But if I’m completely honest, I’ve never been into the whole flirting or dating game. Mainly cause I suck at it😅

This elevator ride ended with the doors opening, no kiss, and the blonde’s little sister appearing at the door. Turns out some of his family also came down, but she was a lifesaver to me. I took this opportunity to tell him that I had to go meet my parents for lunch, thanking him  for inviting me to hang out with him and his friend, and announced my goodbyes to both.

Let me tell you, eating Subway had never been so awkward. Turns out the blonde was watching from afar, my parents still don’t know this ever happened. I don’t believe that he was upset from my rejection, soon he went to hang out with his teammates and was having a blast by the pool (he basically handled it, LIKE A BAWSE!😎).

The day we were packing up and heading to the airport, I was on guard the entire time. I’m talking the hoodie was up, headphones in and head was down type of scenario. Honestly I felt bad, but I didn’t think it felt right.

So until this day he was my almost, sort-of first kiss. Its really helped me appreciate the fact that I still technically haven’t had my first. Realizing that I was never going to see this guy again wouldn’t have made it as special. But hey, it makes a good story to tell my friends (and of course you guys!).

So here ends another blog post, don’t know if this was as exciting as all my other posts, but if you enjoyed it that’s what matters! If anyone has any awkward experiences with their first kiss, please feel free to tell me in the comment area. I like to think there are people who’ve also experienced scenarios like mine, by sharing your story it means we can all be a great, big, awkward family together!

Talk with you all soon xoxo


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