You are NOT Useless.


Hello Everyone!

I REALLY want to dedicate this blog post to a fellow lovely blogger here on WordPress! I won’t name names, but she is a big reason I wanted to write this idea I’ve been thinking for some time now. It’s so important for everyone to know that,

You are NOT useless.

Yes, I said it, and it’s the truth. You may think you’re the clumsiest, or maybe the least intelligent, or not the best-looking person in the whole world. And believe me when this list of flaws could continue forever and ever, but we shouldn’t accept it. Sometimes it’s hard to not label ourselves for our mistakes we make, it comes naturally to us when we disappoint others, including ourselves. But let me tell you that it’s okay if you are one of those things, that doesn’t make you useless.

I explained in one of my comments that I left on a certain someone’s blog post. The post explained the flaws that they had and how it caused a great deal of pain in their life. So my explanation for that was that everyone has their own flaws, even if you’re the most confident, go-getter on this planet.

It’s okay to be weird. In the end, aren’t we all a little weird anyways?

We may all like something that someone else doesn’t like whatsoever. It doesn’t make you a freak for enjoying what makes you happy. Let’s say you enjoy rock and roll music, and I enjoy listening to violin music. Just because I may not like that particular genre of music, doesn’t make you some freak. It just means you have different tastes, and it’s okay to be that way. We all have the right to enjoy things that make us different from everyone else because we should be able to be happy without the judgment from others.

If I don’t judge you for what you like, why should you judge me for what I like?

It goes without saying, people love a good feud. No really, and honestly I sometimes like seeing these feuds happen too. You see, many feuds don’t have to be through hate. Many can be for fun, of course when being used in the right context. However when we began to add hurtful comments and words that make them feel down, then what’s the point in continuing?

I become confused when I see hate comments. My reaction is ‘What’s the point, what do you achieve from hurting this person?’ Does hurting someone’s feelings give you a sense of power, will you gain tons of friends, will this make you more confident?…Or is it the fact you believe that they don’t deserve to be happy! To be accepted? To be the only person they can be?


I wish people would think before saying. We hear people say “Choose your words wisely”, so why don’t we think before saying something that we know doesn’t benefit ourselves or others? I want to think that maybe the reason people act so coldly to others because they themselves have been hurt by others too. That at some point in their life, they once wanted to spread happiness and kindness to all those around them, but when they were told how insufficient they by someone.

They themselves turn cold and bitter.

It’s like a vicious circle, when we spread hate, we receive hate, we’ll soon become hate. So let me ask again.

What’s the point? Nobody wants to be hated, I’m sure you would feel the same way.

So if we spread positive thoughts, we’ll receive positive thoughts😊! This doesn’t mean I’ve taken away your right to give opinions, you can say what you want. Opinions just mean you think differently, so feel free to share yours. It’s only when we begin to add injurious words to the mix, like saying someone else’s opinion is stupid. At that point, it’s becoming into a hate comment, especially if you say “Why would you say that it’s so stupid!”. Rather what we should be saying “I don’t particularly agree with what you say, but here’s what I think about this.”. It doesn’t have to match my example, but I hoping you get the point that there is no need to be hateful about the subject😊.

Hope that little rant right there didn’t throw you for a loop. I just believe we should be giving people more chance despite their opinions, their looks or what they like. Who knows? Maybe there’s a super cool person that you haven’t gotten to meet just yet!

I want to continue on about why so many people can feel useless. Lots of people struggle with fitting in, trying to be helpful and even trying to maintain their levels of happiness. It’s hard, and I should know.

Since grade 7 I’ve had Depression, and it’s taken such a toll on how I portray others and myself. I didn’t really realize I had it at first, but as the years continued and my happiness levels had become extremely low, something just didn’t feel right.

During these 6 years, I would begin to judge myself for everything that made me, me. I wasn’t as beautiful as everyone else, I wasn’t as smart as everyone else, I don’t  have a life where everything would always go my way. Sometimes I believe I was cursed for bad things to happen to me, it’s like good karma didn’t even exist for me.

If I did good things, I’ll receive hate for them.

For the most part, it was little things, like I would help organize my parent’s food pantry (those things are massive, takes a good hour to clean them😅). Once I would finish I would be proud of my work, but my parents wouldn’t always be pleased with the outcome. They would point out certain things I didn’t do right, they were small things, but small things tend to build up, until there’s too much and begin to take effect on people’s feelings (I still love my parents, sometimes I think they don’t realize what they say from time to time). So even if I would do these nice things for people, they would find some way to judge how I did them. I wondered if it was too much for them just to say “Thanks for helping me out, it means a lot!”, rather than to point out every little mistake I had made.

This was the year I told my family, along with a few friends, about my Depression. Some would point out I never looked depressed, that for the most part, I would wear a smile on my face every day. I told them looks can be deceiving, I wore a smile for them not to worry about me. If there’s something that makes me feel horrible, it’s hurting others without meaning to. I know it isn’t my fault if they were to become sad, depression is serious and it’s not the most joyful subject to talk about. Here’s the thing if I told them about it, they would apologize. Why?

I don’t want to be pitied, I want you to support, I want you to have an understanding.

I never want to be a burden to people, but if I need someone to listen to me and to understand what I’m dealing with. Please, I ask, do listen. Don’t try to say “Well why didn’t you do this when it happened?’. Telling how I should fix my past mistakes does not help me change the past, what happened is what happened. But If you do want to help, try to encourage me to believe, give me advice when I feel down, support me when I am feeling useless.

Never push someone away when they’re in need of a friend.

So today’s topic was a little bit all over the place, but the same message sticks that YOU are NOT useless.  We may think we are, people may say we are, but in reality, we aren’t. Life can be rough, problems will arise and we try to deal with them. Sometimes we are able to succeed, other times we’ll make mistakes. That doesn’t make us useless, you made an effort to fix your mistake. You tried, and that makes you helpful, not useless. You don’t have to put up with those who say your nothing. They may think that way, but others may see you as strong, determined, and important.

You guys are important to me ❤

You’re important, because everytime your share your happiness with me, it makes me feel important. Out of everyone on this planet, you chose me to tell your how you feel. When people thank me for the things I did for them, let it be by providing them with (hopefully good) advice, or just sharing a positive comment on a post they wrote. The fact that people will acknowledge what I say, even to tell me via commenting their appreciation makes me feel important.

We are never useless when we have the ability to spread happiness to those who deserve it when they need it most 🙂

So a few things I hope you took the time to think about are:

  • Everyone deserves a chance. Don’t ever label someone as being useless, because it wouldn’t benefit you or them in any way. We should be providing hope for those who feel they don’t belong. Be inclusive to those who are constantly being pushed away.
  • Take the time to listen and understand what people go through. Never put them down for past mistakes, but rather support them in the future. Cheer someone on even if they don’t receive the outcome they expect. Reassure them that it’s okay to make mistakes every now and then.
  • Be accepting to those who think differently, maybe both of you don’t have the same tastes. Never hate on someone who has dissimilar tastes from you, if you’re feeling courageous you can try out what they enjoy. Maybe you’ll find what they like to be fun for you too!
  • Remember that you are NOT useless 😀 Be proud of the things you’ve accomplished in life, you don’t have to win an award to be kind or selfless. You help others all the time, even if you don’t see it yourself. People do appreciate what you’ve done for them, even if they can’t admit it. I appreciate you, just knowing you took the time to read all I have to say, makes you very important to me!


So here ends another blog post, my lovely readers! Thank you so much for sticking with me this for this long in the post. I hope this writing piece gave you a little bit of happiness, especially if you’ve felt unwanted before. Just know that even though we haven’t met personally, I hope I was able to put a smile on your face. So as always I’m open to hearing what everyone has to think, please leave any stories, advice or any thoughts you may have in the comments down below!

Have you ever felt useless before, how have you overcome the feeling, and do you have any words to provide for those who may feel unwanted right now?  

Until next time my fellow bloggers, I can’t wait to see what you have in store! 🙂

Talk with you all soon xoxo




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