Do you want to be famous?

Hello Everyone!

Do you want to be famous?…Let me let that information sink in for a sec. So do you? I’ve lived long enough to see how people work in society. I’ve been born into a world where much of the happiness we get comes from friends, gifts and money, even if you may deny it. I can’t blame you for being excited for receiving a pay check, or how many likes you got on Instagram, or even when people praise you for whatever reason. These things make us feel good, but some of us aren’t able to obtain them.

When growing up I noticed that many celebrities had all these things. The money, the friends and having constant praising over what they do for a living. I began to get the idea that to be happy,

You must have to be famous.

The idea of being famous has most likely (coughs) ahem…I mean most definitely run across our brains at some time in our lives😂. Yeah, I mean there sure can be perks to being famous. You have the ability to have people listen to you whenever you like, even if they don’t want to. Tons of money that could last you so long, you might as well be swimming in it. Tons of friends that support what you do, and even people who don’t know you personally support you also. But let me ask you this instead?

Would you be willing to put up with the consequences?

Yeah you heard me, you can’t buy the house without putting some down payment on it (I’m really hoping anyone who’s reading this has watched The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air show, that way you can understand the joke I laid out for you😉). Yes indeed, there are concerns you should know about being famous. Because even if they show themselves having what we consider life goals, celebrities deal with a lot of things that we can understand, but can’t understand why they have them.

Firstly, I don’t want it to sound like we would should begin crying for celebs and their personal struggles. I’m just hoping to give you a different perspective and see that maybe celebs and the common person might be more alike then we think. That they also have to deal with a ton of problems that we don’t fully understand.

So having tons of friends can be great. It makes people feel important or special. Maybe it’s harder for celebs to have friends when a majority of people they know are their fans. Celebrities must all at the same time need to maintain a flawless perfect life, which can be much more difficult. It’s like you have to lead a role model life in order for people to have even an once of respect for you. I’m sure that can become rather struggling for a celebrity not to show off any of their flaws. Especially when there are people tracking every move you make, they’re bound to make a mistake at the wrong time. Once people see the one mistake, they can use it against you or judge you for it for the rest of your life.

Speaking of people who track your every movement. The paparazzi must be horrible to deal with, no offense if you are one (a living is a living🤗). But wouldn’t you hate  being surrounded with cameras, people yelling their questions into your face, or even not being able to have time alone when walking around in public? I can imagine it must be exhausting for celebs to maintain a perfect image and not loose there cool every time a microphone is shoved into their faces.

Work schedules, we all have them. If your lucky, then your job schedule may allow you to have sometime off during the week to be with the family or just be used to relax. Many famous people probably don’t get as much time to spend with their family’s, and usually have to state going on vacation so fans don’t get a meltdown if they aren’t making content on a regular basis.

Question is would I myself want to become a celebrity? Well honestly, not really. Of course, when I was younger all I ever wanted was to be a pop star (I can’t sing, glad I’ve changed my mind over the years😂). I believed I could obtain having all the perks of being famous, but I never thought of all the consequences that came with such role. Now that I’m older, and can see obstacles that celebs have to go through everyday, I would rather stay on the sidelines. Besides the closest I want to becoming famous is just for people to recognize my hard work.

So, for the last time,

Do you still want to be famous?

I’m really curious to see what you guys choose, I will not be judging you if you do or if you don’t. Maybe you know more perks to being famous, or maybe more perks to being unknown. Please leave any pros or cons down in the comments below. I think it will be interesting to see what people choose. You don’t have to give reasons either if you don’t want to, just a simple Famous or Not Famous answer will do just fine😊

If you would rather share your answer secretly to me, you can email me your thoughts (just incase there’s something embarrassing or private and you would rather not share it with everyone, there’s nothing wrong with being anonymous. You still have a voice👍).


Until next time my lovelies!

Talk with you all soon xoxo



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