Guess Who’s Back! Also, Choose an Idea :D

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? These last few weeks have been crazy for me. So let me take the time to explain myself to all who’ve been wondering if I had been kidnapped ūüôā

Firstly is school, and if I can speak out to anyone who is in it currently.

School is a B to the I to the T to the C to the H…. (mic drop)

Trust me though that school is important, having some knowledge will benefit¬†you in the long run. I love learning new things, it expands my horizons and has the ability to change¬†my opinions on things. However with my¬†school¬†year ending soon, I’m now officially¬†packed with assignments, projects, and tests. It’s like teachers ban together in a meeting room, drinking Tim Hortons (It’s a coffee thing), and say “Hey school is slowly coming to an end, the weather is just perfect, people are happy…let’s ruin that by giving heaps of homework to the people who already have enough to worry¬†about!” and then they all give evil smirks.

Secondly…my basement flooded.

Kinda out of the blue right? ¬†Yeah, turns out that a washing machine can’t handle every load we give it. Two gallons worth of water flooded my living area and a basement area, I spent a few hours run back and forth with a bucket full of water to toss outside my front step. All the towels we owned covered the floor, my dad brought out this weird “pretty sure he stole it from a custodian” water vacuum, and we slowly but surely got rid of the water. As much as I loved having an indoor pool, can’t say that helped with how busy my day already¬†was, meaning I had to push many scheduled assignments including WordPress blog post further¬†back.

Lastly was finding time.

Time is hard to tell when you have plans. Not that I go out, I’m basically the equivalent to a hermit. But my family, my dog, and my life come first, and they’ve all needed me these past weeks. Many of my projects involved group work, so I have to wait for my partners to finish their portions so I can continue my own. Many of them have been assigned to me, and they haven’t exactly pulled their weight. This has happened to me in the past, and unless I have a really good excuse, my marks will go down because my partners let me down. That’s why I work alone most of the time, whenever¬†I get the chance of course. Sometime this week, in fact, one of my family members is going into surgery. So they will be bedridden until they can move around again, meaning many of the household duties will be split between my family.

Now trust me, I would love to continue writing more stories for all of you. It’s been well…


However, I believed that you all deserved to know why I’ve been so absent from WordPress. I do apologize for my absence, and I really wished I could have taken the time sooner to tell you all. Now I really want to be able to continue my writing, even if it takes more than my usual day length to write a blog post.

So I wanted to know what you guys would like to hear from me. I came up with a few ideas during the time I was away. ¬†Even If I can’t complete each one on my 2-3 day basis, I will be continuously be working on it to make each one meaningful or fun for you to read! Here were a few ideas I had:

  • What Sleep Paralysis did to Me
  • My Costa Rica Trip Adventure (3 part series at most, this one is by far the lengthiest¬†of them all)
  • Dealing with a World Full of Negativity ūüôā
  • Relationship Advice, from Someone Who Hasn’t Been In One ūüėÄ
  • I have a Second Self.
  • Taking time to reflect on my Depression.
  • YouTubers That Make Me Smile Daily!
  • When you see someone you’ve lost in a Dream.
  • When I listen to Music (would probably be short, but hey! It’s an idea another blogger give me, Joyce if you are watching this, thanks Gorgeous!)
  • Q & A about anything you desire (that’s risky for me, haha)
  • Suggestions from you guys!

So that’s my list so far, as the last on say’s ¬†you guys can give me any ideas. I always like to see how creative you can be with what you come up with. If any choose the Q & A idea, then leave your questions down below in this blog post. If you like more than one idea, you can give me your top 3 that you would like to see me do. I will hopefully get to all of these ideas in the future, but whatever one you guys like the most will be first ones I write. It lets me know what you are interested in!

Hope you all have fun picking or creating ideas, and hopefully, sooner or later I will be able to write back! Until next time, thank you all for being patient with me ‚̧

Talk with you all soon xoxo


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