What you want to know about me!

Quick little facts about me currently!

1. The name is Emma, I’m 18 years old, I represent Canada and I enjoy long walks on the beach 😛

2. I’m on a long journey towards becoming more of an adult, by starting this blog I can learn more about this world and what people are interested in! Along with sharing my stories and connecting with you all!

3. I’ll try and give advice in the blog posts I make, it might not be the greatest advice but it’s yours for the taking 🙂

4. I adore reading other posts, so feel free to share your blog with me or leave comments on some of my posts! I love seeing what you guys are thinking. If you want to talk privately I also have an email littlemissemmablog@gmail.com

5. I really love puppies, what little bundles of joy they are!
Hope you all enjoy this blog, lots of love from your fellow blogger!!!
Emma ❤