If I could visit a Video Game World…

Hello Everyone! Before I begin bantering on about game worlds, here's a side note, right now where I live¬†it's finally starting to feel like SPRING! Ohhhhhh my goodness!! I have realitives that ask me "How's the weather over there, is it Spring yet?" when I call or message them (some live in Ottawa and the … Continue reading If I could visit a Video Game World…


Can Friendships Last?

Hello Everyone! Before I start this blog post I wanted to have a quick update about what's going on. My last post (ironically also my first official blog post ever haha) got some nice reviews from some very lovely people. I didn't really expect to have anyone actually read through all of it and give … Continue reading Can Friendships Last?

Thanks Mario!

Hello Everyone! Firstly let's celebrate the fact that I've finally uploaded my first official actual writing piece (woo hoo!). Hopefully, more ideas will come soon, but until then let's begin with this little thought I had. When I was scrolling through YouTube I had come across a trailer for Super Mario Odyssey. Those who don't … Continue reading Thanks Mario!